Reefer cargo

From temperature to humidity, we provide the perfect conditions for the transport of your products, whether that’s meat, fish, chocolate, medication, you name it!

The go-to player when it comes to reefer cargo.

If you want to transport fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat or fish, to keep these products in good condition they must of course be refrigerated. We use reefer (refrigerated) containers for this. Not only can the temperature be kept as low as -30 °C, but other conditions like humidity can be fully controlled too.

Non-food products, like medications and flowers, can be transported at a constant above-zero temperature. Some food products, too, like cheese and chocolate, are also transported at an above-zero temperature.

In addition to the reefer containers for shipping by sea, we also use reefer trailers for road transport. Combining sea and road transport is naturally also a possibility, so you can rest assured that your goods will get from door to door, worry free.

Our values

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Know-how and experience

For over nine years now, when it comes to reefer cargo and sea freight, Exofex has proven itself to be the go-to expert.

Technological support

We work out the most efficient solution for you, and then you simply follow your shipment along its journey via our tracking platform.

Worry free

We take care of everything down to the last detail so that you can achieve your ambitions.

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