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Efficient transport from door to door

Multimodal freight transport uses multiple modes of transport along the logistics chain. This may be necessary to arrange door-to-door transport, or it may be the most efficient and/or cost-effective solution for transport from terminal to terminal. Multimodal transport is a mainstay in our pursuit of optimal logistics solutions for our customers.

What does multimodal transport mean for us?

It’s the art of choosing the most efficient route for freight transport, by road, inland waterway and/or sea. In our approach, we focus on optimising transport routes, combining the benefits of different transport modes to maximize speed and cost efficiency.

When determining the best possible route, we consider a number of factors, like distance, infrastructure accessibility, the volume of freight that needs to be transported and, of course, sustainability. We acknowledge the impact transport has on the environment and strive to reduce the CO2 emissions by making smart use of inland transport options. Using inland shipping not only reduces emissions, but also offers a seamless connection to our international network. Is sustainability a priority in your business? With us you will receive a detailed, customer-specific emissions report.

Through our collaboration with third parties and with our thorough knowledge of inland terminals in the Netherlands and Germany we are able to offer an integrated approach. Not only do we optimise international routes, we also ensure a smooth transition to inland transport, using infrastructure and terminals with the best availability.

In short, for us multimodal transport is not only about finding the fastest route, but also about making well-considered choices that take into account both efficiency and sustainability.

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